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Announcing the AEA Educator of the Year 2021!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

The Alternative Education Association of Maine Announces Educator of the Year!

The AEA of Maine is excited to announce Lindsey Schortz of the Belfast Community Outreach Program in Education (BCOPE) has been named the 2021 Alternative Educator of the Year! Lindsey is the Lead Science and Math teacher in the program and has become integral to the success of the students while engaging them in their learning.

Colden Golann, Assistant Principal at Belfast High School, says “what separates Lindsey is her commitment to her students. She will stop at nothing to support kids and help them overcome the obstacles they are facing. Last year during school closures, Lindsey took it upon herself to visit any student who was not participating and often taught individualized lessons in driveways, porches or on breaks from student’s jobs.

Daisy Bradney, a student in the BCOPE program described Ms. Schortz as a “kind, caring, and very passionate about what she does....she has always been my go to person whenever something exciting happens, she is always so thrilled for our matter how big or small.

The AEA would also like to recognize the other finalist for this award, Linda “Cookie” Dana of Bangor High School. Both of these great educators represent the level of excellence as determined by the National Alternative Education Standards. The Association will be recognizing these achievements at their Annual Conference on May 28th.

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