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Alternative Education Association of Maine

Empowering Young People's
Educational Journey 



The Mission of the Alternative Education Association of Maine is to provide support, guidance and direction to Maine Alternative Educators and the students they serve. We strive to advocate for all those in Maine involved with Alternative Education. 

Our Spring 2023 Conference 

 March 10th 

which is National SEL Day! 

location: Thomas College Campus 

See below for registration details! 

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

  1. Please take a moment to fill out the Choices for Conference Presentation form, which will help us define the topics that will be presented at your conference. 

  2. If you are ready to register for the conference, please submit the Conference Registration Form - We are asking that ALL individuals do this, even if you are sending more than one person from your school district. 

  3. Step two of the registration process is to print out the AEA of Maine Conference Invoice and send it to Dawn Matthews with your payment. (address and conference information is on the form) If you have already paid your dues for the Association this Year, you DO NOT need to do Step 2. If you are not sure, send Dawn an email at

 We do important work as Maine Alt Ed educators!

Please take the 2022 Alt Ed Survey 

The results will help us to connect and to serve our Alt Ed programs statewide.    

"Alternative education is a perspective, not a procedure or program. It is based upon the belief that there are many ways to become educated, as well as many types of environments and structures within which this may occur."

Raymond Morley 1991

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